My Role: UX Researcher & Design Director | Duration: 1 Week | Project Status: Complete

Project Overview (Executive Summary)

Given that marijuana has recently become a legal substance in the state of New York, we assumed that users would like to safely purchase marijuana, as well as make money on the side by growing and selling it. We set out to conduct user interviews which validated our initial assumptions but also revealed other insights, such as importance which users give to convenience of delivery and concerns they have over their online orders.

After conducting of series of user interviews, we discovered that our initial assumptions were valid, but we also gained some new insights.

From here we ran multiple rounds of design studio and created a marketplace website that delivers local New York cannabis right to Sophia’s doorstep. Following our design, we ran usability testing and interviewed participants to get feedback on potential flaws, usability, and overall impressions. We also learned that credibility would be of the utmost importance to Sophia who would want more information on the products and a clearer time frame or distance of delivery.

With this insight in hand we set out to create necessary features for a more comprehensive website which was confirmed during our second round of usability testing. So what did we improve?

Scope of Work


Obtaining and enjoying marijuana in the state of New York.

Problem Space Statement


We believe users would like to buy and sell marijuana remotely.


Users would like to safely purchase weed
Users purchase weed due to stress
Users would like to purchase weed due to recent legalization
Users would like to participate in selling weed online


How might we help users buy and sell marijuana remotely and safely?

RESEARCH PHASE (Discover + Define)

User Interviews


To validate our initial assumptions about people wanting to buy or sell marijuana from the comfort and safety of your home.

Research Objective

To validate our initial assumptions about people wanting to buy or sell marijuana from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Affinity Mapping

Affinity Mapping

Research Synthesis

During research synthesis we have uncovered trends relating to online shopping, delivery expectations, social settings and app preferences.

Key Takeaways

“I like online shopping and I shop online a lot.”
Users are very interested in shopping online.

“I like quick orders.”
Users expect to receive orders in a timely manner.

“I feel comfortable smoking from home.”
Users generally enjoy smoking from the comfort of their home due to feeling safe.

“I like to use apps to pay for weed”
Users like to use mobile payments to pay for marijuana


Persona: Sophia

After synthesizing our data we created a persona for our target user. This is Sophia!

Key Takeaways

Our user hates paying for marijuana in cash
User feels unsafe during transactions
User gets impatient waiting for deliveries
User would like a form of mobile payment when purchasing marijuana

Journey Map

Journey Map

We wanted to understand Sophia, our persona’s current path taken to reach her goal of buying and experiencing marijuana.

Key Takeaways

Sophia doesn’t feel comfortable buying marijuana from a stranger.
Sophia dislikes having to travel to receive her product.
Sophia likes being in her comfort zone.
Sophia dislikes having to leave her home simply to get small items like Skittles.

Revised Problem Statement (Our new focus coming our of research)


Sophia likes smoking from the comfort of her home
Sophia dislikes waiting extended periods of time, and feels unsafe buying marijuana in public.


How might we help Sophia feel safe and get her marijuana on demand?




We were able to come to an agreement on the minimum viable product

We learned everyone on the team had an input on the final design

We were able to critique each teammate’s sketches in a constructive manner.


RESEARCH » DESIGN (Intersection)

Sophia has concerns when she orders products online and she wants to know where it is in real time » Added a live tracking feature
Sophia wants clarity in knowing the product she is buying is good or bad » Added a seller review feature
Sophia also feels unsafe during transactions » Added a product review feature



HIGHLINE Mobile View
HIGHLINE Desktop View

Design Studio: Mid-Fi WIREFRAMES

Initial User Testing: First Round


We conducted usability test with 5 different users to use our prototype and documented the results.


Our brand’s name needs to be changed quickly.
Users did not react well to the brand name.
On the first screen, users weren’t clear what kind of website it is.
Some users were intimidated by the plain theme of the website.
Users were unclear on the difference between the star rating system relating to the product and the seller’s ratings.
Some users wanted the website to be more visually appealing and playful.
Most users wanted more information of the products.
Users wanted a clearer time frame of delivery while searching for products

Design Iterations: First Round (Annotations/Screen Flow)

User Testing: Second Round


We conducted usability test with 5 different users to use our prototype and documented the results.


Some users have found the design to be much more inviting and more credible
Users have found this iteration of the prototype to function more fluently
Users wanted the sort section to be more visible
Some users felt the age verification page was stopping them from feeling welcomed.

High-fidelity Screens (Annotations/Screen Flow)

So without further ado, let’s get into the good stuff.

HIGHLINE Prototype (Mobile + Desktop)

Recommendations + Implementation + Next Steps

Revise minor issues found in the round 2 of the HI-FI mobile prototype user testing.
Conduct multiple rounds of usability testing for the desktop prototype.
Add additional features focusing on the sellers side.
Talk to developers and get ready for release.

UXDI - ENFJ-A: An enthusiastic interest in the beauty industry, color, texture, visual design, and most importantly creating a memorable experience for users.